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While I have been playing with technology longer than more kiddies have been around, there are things I still don’t know/never got into.  This includes programming.  Sure, HTML is a type of programming but not in the sense that most current people think when they hear the word.  To this end, I have decided to take up programming.  One of the biggest questions that people like us have is ‘where do I start?’.  Do I start with C++, Python, Java or how about LegoScript(yes, there is such a thing)??

I recall reading somewhere that it really doesn’t matter where you start, so as you start.  I did a cursory search and decided upon Python.   It seemed a reasonable language to learn, nothing to hectic or exotic as far as terms and phrases that are used to both describe and utilized it.

I am currently on my 3rd attempt to learn it.  Why do I say 3rd, well because besides on deciding what to learn, how is just as important.  After a few failed attempts, I am currently following Learn Python The Hard Way website.  Sure has some tutorials, I even found some free PDF’s from O’Reilly Books but so far, this current website is working for me.  Heck, as far as I’m concerned, I have already learned more and better in the last 4 hours than I did in two days with the free books.  Here is a simply program that I wrote, my first 🙂

# Let's calculate how long it would take for me to get to 10,000 of programming

# represents total # of hours needed
master = 10000

# represents # of hours in a day of study
day = 24
awake = 12
forced = 4
personal = 2

# calculate # of days
mastery = master/day
practical_mastery = master/awake
forced_study = master/forced
interested = master/personal# print results
print "They say that to become a master it takes",master,"hours."
print "Mastery with no sleep would take",mastery,"days with no sleep."
print "Hard Practical Mastery would take",practical_mastery,"days at",awake,"hrs of study per day."
print "Real world, forced study Mastery would take",forced_study,"days at",forced,"hrs of study per day."
print "Personal interest study Mastery would take",interested,"days at",personal,"hrs of study per day."



  1. Seems, you and I are on the same boat! Good luck with learning Python.

    • Are you learning Python as well? If so, where are you learning it? I’m always looking for good resources.

      • Yes I am and I am learning it through Codecademy. Right now the site is very slow though, due to some major changes they made last week 😦

      • That never helps when changes messes with your set pattern of learning. Did you sign up for, or were aware of, Coursera’s free Python course? Looking forward to that 🙂

      • Yes, I will start that one after I’m finished with Codecademy. It is indeed annoying, just last week I decided I will treat learning Python as a job. And then this happens…. 😦

      • I’m not sure when the following class starts but this one starts on the 15th of this month. Might want to consider it. I’m going through as a warm-up to the Coursera/RICE University course.

      • Sorry, I confused it with the Python course of Udacity 🙂 You should check first wich version of Python Coursera uses they have the tendency to work with Python 3….

      • the course doens’t say and neither does their syllabus (listed as codeskulptor) say either. Everything they are doing is web-based too. Not doing any programming on my own system through the course. I probably will any ways 🙂

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