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So I’m at exercise 16 (of 32) so far and seem to be slowing down as the exercises get a little more complex.  I still have a hard time just ‘doing things’ because I am still not knowledgeable enough to automatically know how to start.  It’s still a bit confusing to ‘just do X’ when you fully haven’t grasped it…or even mostly grasped this concept of ‘x’.

Still, it is good to have an active IRC channel to ask for guidance.  Sometimes they get easily confused when I ask about things that just ‘isn’t done’ in the real world but is important for beginners to learn because of where it is used and the understanding of what it is you are doing.  Think of it as learning to drive.  Sure your instructor told you to make sure your hands are in the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock position on the steering wheel but when you get into the real world, you got one hand on the gear shift and on one the wheel.  Or one on the wheel and the other hanging out the window.

When I first started to learn to drive, my lessons where in the winter time.  I found my winter coat to be extremely limiting in my movements for controlling the car and such.  Now, it’s no big deal.  Eventually I’ll find these exercises no big deal….till then…it’s uncomfortable and that is where the learning happens.



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