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I wrote a message in the forums and added a little bit at the beginning then posted what I posted here a few days ago.

“I posted this on my blog ( and I’ll repost it here.  I am finding no joy in this course, I am not learning here.  I have been doing nothing but beat my head against the wall.  This course only works for those who have programming experience before, or at least recent math/logic courses from high school and/or university.”

See this link for the in-depth post on why I was not happy with the way the course was structured.

I’m going to finish the Learn Python The Hard Way course (and probably even buy the pdf/video version and do it again…yes, it’s that good I found).  I have found a few other places with tutorials.  I’ll detail them if I get into them.



  1. You just quit a programming class – to take another one! That is awesome. I think you still learned a ton, and you’re ready to tackle the next challenge.

    • Yeah, I love learning, I love challenges but that was not a challenge. It was a trap. Meh, LPTHW is a much better setup I feel. And yes, I did learn as well as meta-learned. Working on a ‘choose your own adventure’ program….while simple it teaches a lot, especially tracking where you are and where you go!

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