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I am finally finishing off the Learn Python The Hard Way lessons that got shelved because the Coursera course was taking up all my time.  One of the lessons included making a program that is basically a ‘choose your own adventure‘.  It’s a pretty basic program, mostly a lot of ‘if’ statements to choose which section happens next.  While not terribly complicated and barely any different from many of the original books that did the same, it was a good lesson in tracking how your program flowed and making sure the results were what was expected.  So, here it is.  Yeah, I borrowed heavily from a Dungeons & Dragons module but I’m not selling this, nor do I ever plan on making money.  It was merely backdrop material, so Wizards, don’t bother suing me 😛

Since pasting code here and trying to keep its format doesn’t work so well, you can see it here:

BTW, it’s not exactly SFW…so keep that in mind.



  1. Do you still play DND? What are your thoughts on 5e?

    • 5e? Was not even aware of it….don’t even know 4e. Geeze, 5e too soon….they are getting way to greedy…well, not like they weren’t before :/

      • Yeah. Glad to have left it when I did. But like hell to write things without players.

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