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What’s a Geek blog without poking some fun at Microsoft eh?

Microsoft previews update to Windows 8; the Start button returns

Microsoft is providing a first look at Windows 8.1, and among the new features in the update is the return of the Start button that was taken away in Windows 8.

Additionally, users will have more options for what they set as their Start Screen background. Users can select images with motion or select their desktop picture (a picture of their family, for example) as the background for the Start Screen. They’ll also be able to further customize the Start Screen by arranging their apps using more tile size options.

I’m glad I haven’t even bothered touching Win8.  Not much I can’t do with Linux that I _need_ Windows any ways…so meh.

And while we are at it, why not throw in a bit of paranoia shall we? (aka, what’s a Geek blog without poking fun at Social Media….)

Why your social media profile might be your next credit score

Social media has created a vast amount of data and every second we add more information. Consider that in a single day we send 400 million tweets, share 985 million pieces of content on Facebook, “like” 50 million brands or organizations on Facebook, and post 40 million photos on Instagram. Many have argued that sharing so much personal info in such a public forum can leave users open to identity theft and fraud

Now, back to tweaking that choose your own adventure code to get it just right 🙂



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