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Greetings all,

OK, so first the update.

While I was working on Lesson 43, and trying to understand Classes (this seems to be a hard subject to just explain, let alone follow good examples, which are even harder to find).  I decided to hop on over to the #python channel in IRC and get some feedback.  It was pretty unanimous that the example used in the lesson was silly.  To be honest, I was thinking so as well.  See, I created that ‘choose your own adventure‘ code and when I saw LPTHW’s example, they basically just moved the functions in to classes.  Well I thought that was kinda dumb because you aren’t really saving anything.  Maybe you can move/call classes around a little easier but otherwise, it’s no different from my example without.

This saddened me.  Here I am, at yet another course that dead-ends when it gets to Classes.  The gang on #python did direct me to some cool resources (See the Python Resources page here) and I did watch a video on Classes but it got real deep real quick by one of the guys who develop Python itself.  So that was of no help.

So, I have an idea for a new version of the ‘choose your own adventure’ game.  I’ll share it when it’s closer to being done 🙂



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