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I’ve put v2 up on the Games Page.  It also includes a hint of what’s to come for v3 🙂  When you start the game, just don’t chose either option 2 or 3….they are merely place holders for now.

I think I’ve learned much more doing this than pretty much any course really.  Oh sure, the courses gave me a good base but so far, few have gone beyond that and so far NONE have been able to teach what Classes really are/do.  Even my favourite failed in this.  Their example merely moved functions into a Class.  Seemed really goofy.  Ah well, the quest continues!



  1. Before learning what classes are… did you ever study C, and more specifically, structs in C?

    • Nope, Python is my first programming language. I don’t count basic or the punch cards I did back in high school 😉 Nor HTML or the little bit of CSS I toyed with on WordPress templates.

      I’ll be ignoring Classes till I find some compelling reason to use them. So far, no class/course I have taken explained it worth a damn. Maybe I’ll get to it through the Codeacademy courses….or the Mechancial MOOC course that is starting soon…

  2. My favorite analogy is:


    Houses built from those blueprints=Instances of that Class

    i.e.: You can’t live in a blueprint, but you can live in a house.

    • I kinda got that idea/impression but I have yet to see a lesson where it teaches that. LPTHW failed miserably with this and so did the Python ‘Intro’ course at Coursera. I’m hoping that either Code Academy or the Mechanical MOOC course do a better job.

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