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Something that is ultimately frustrating to new learners is that when you are taking a course and you run into a problem, and the solution isn’t findable, you are stonewalled till someone replies on the forum to your post.

This is mainly a big issues when you have a course with an ‘artificial environment’, such as Code Academy and Coursera course that I have tried so far.  So this means you need be taking multiple courses just to keep learning.  No one like to say “well, worked 20mins on this today, can’t do any more so guess I’ll watch YouTube videos till someone replies.”

I bet some of you are probably thinking “Just search for the answer!” That is a perfectly normal thing to say and one that I have never failed to do.  Right now the problem is that I have a perfectly valid code that works just fine on my own system yet the CodeAcademy program keeps asking if I’m using an if/else statement in my program when clearly I am doing so as evidenced by the perfectly working response when I run the same code in my terminal.

Good think we am far from lacking resources and things to do online with such learning 🙂



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