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As I’ve been on this quest to understand the Class function in Python, which is a form of Object Orientated Programming, I am slowly finding some resistance to the ‘must use OOP!  All the time!” type of mentality.  So, being the type willing to consider many ideas before making up my own mind, I’ll be reading more on this stuff.  For now, here is some food for thought.  My quick cursory of the article seems to mean OOP is just another tool that may or may not be the best for a given coding scenario.

By , 20 Apr 2013


The last decade has seen object oriented programming (OOP) dominate the programming world. While there is no doubt that there are benefits of OOP, some programmers question whether OOP has been overrated and ponder whether alternate styles of coding are worth pursuing. To even suggest that OOP has in some way failed to produce the quality software we all desire could in some instances cost a programmer his job, so why even ask the question?


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