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My path is not taking me into the world of API programming.  And Code Academy has a neat little course of “How to use APIs with Python“.  Kinda matching up nicely I think 🙂



  1. Automation pushed me to learn cURL for HTTP. That opened a whole new world for me on the command-line: it led me to batch scripting and pipes, task scheduling and chained executables. Files abstracted beneath a script are so useful, i.e. redirection.

    • Ash yes, I’m aware of curl. Write a very simple script once to watch a webpage for changes. It was a job section of a website, wanted to know if it every changed with a new opening. I silk have to put some real time into scheduling a script. I do miss automation of things. When I ran my BBS, i had a batch file that would run everyday, grab my FidoNet (and others) messages by dialing out to certain computers, downloading the messages, sort and post them on my BBS. Need to do that again now.

      Mostly I’m playing with wget to grab files to a webhoster instead of downloading to my system then uploading to webhoster.

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