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If you’ve been procrastinating on starting your own blog, then here are some easy instructions to follow so you can set up your own blog.

Start a blog:
– Go to here:, watch the video
– follow the instructions given.

Create the following posts:

(only ever use the LEFT column menu to create a new post!)

1/ Plain text post. Type something on the blog itself.
– Click on Posts/New Post from the LEFT column.
– The format is nearly identical to that of a typical word processor.
2/ Picture post. Find a picture online and create a blog post of only it.
3/ Video Post. Find a Youtube video and create a blog post about it.
4/ Text post. Copy an email sent to you and create a blog post from it.
– hint: start like point 1 above.
5/ Create a text post and put a picture right before the very first letter so that the test wraps around the picture.
5/ create a text post but save it as a DRAFT.
– See what button will NOT publish the post.
6/ create a text post but publish it at a FUTURE DATE(Scheduling).



  1. Copy your post with a quick Ctrl-A and Ctrl-C before you click Save Draft, Publish, Update or Schedule. Just in case. Lost posts are expensive.

    • Indeed. WordPress is smart and will auto-save. So you are usually pretty safe these days. I sadly remember the early days….not fun. Even went as far as to dig some things written out of some cache files….

      • Props for that. I gave up when it happened, but recovering the whole of the incomplete would have been much better.

      • “the whole of the incomplete”….whoa…that’s deep dude 😉

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