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So I decided to learn python.  I was happy, if occasionally frustrated, with how things were going.  When I got onto the idea of writing my own code (in the form of a text ‘choose your own adventure’ game) I was really getting into learning.  I got this idea in my head to port this game into Android and eventually develop it into more and more sophisticated levels (i.e. add some images, sound, maybe even a video game down the road….wayyyy down the road) but after much research, and in particular the following video, I found that doing so is not terribly practical at the moment.

I wonder if it would be worthwhile pushing for a mobile OS that does use Python as a main programming language (like Obj C for IOS and Java for Android).  It would be like a 3rd entity coming into the split market (as the current 3rd entity (Blackberry) is on its way out).  Sadly, this type of idea is well above my understanding on how such things would come about, not to mention the enormous amount of effort it would take to develop such an OS.  But hey, the idea is here now.  Feel free to pass it around and who knows…maybe someone would give it a shot.


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