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So I log into Google and go to start a chat with someone and see this:


After all the recent security issues, makes ya think about this type of warning!

Dear Google, please unfuck yourself here.



Some of these captchas I run across are really goofy. uses a combo of ‘retype the words’ and ‘answer the question’.

I was quite annoyed when it said answer “I have fallen” and I replied “and I can’t get up” then was told that failed….. 😦

Summary: Apple’s iMessage is believed to be among the most secure, surveillance-proof messaging tools. But hackers have exposed a flaw that allows malicious interception, impersonation, and the viewing of private messages.

Yeah….not so much any more eh?[emphasis mine]

Yeah, like you never saw this coming…

New tool lets single server map entire internet in 45 minutes

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a new tool that allows a single server with a gigabit Ethernet port to scan the internet so quickly that it can map 98 per cent of the world’s IPv4 connections in under 45 minutes.

Mapping internet nodes is nothing new – companies and researchers have been doing it for years. But the sheer scale of the internet’s reach meant that full scans could take months, or require the setting up of a specialized botnet using cloud computing to get the job done. But the new tool, dubbed Zmap, uses smart programming and Ethernet efficiency to get the job done in minutes.

Read the whole story here.

While those two paragraphs might not seem like any big deal, and pretty damn cool (which is is) but it was further reading that should scare the crap out of you!

A scan using a module that attempts a discovery handshake via UPnP showed that over 20 per cent of internet-facing hardware was unpatched, and the discovery process for all these machines took less than two hours. A cunning cracker could use such a process to spam out attack code to vulnerable machines, creating vast botnets simply and speedily.

Will people finally start to understand how security works?  I doubt it.  Best chance the average person has is that hopefully ISPs and router manufacturers have a tighter setup.

Awareness is key to your digital rights and survival!

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